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With the development of society,
the improvement of living standard, the demand of business occasions, A suit for yourself, Fit haute couture suits are particularly important, With high quality wool fabric, Fit version of the rapid improvement of personal image and temperament.
Haute couture
Karen&Savile brand inherits the century-old British craftsmanship and the royal family's strict selection of quality heritage to create cost-effective suit haute couture.
New fashion

Experienced tailors and designers will discuss with you your needs for clothing, use occasion, price, personal body type, etc., give professional advice, refer to their suggestions and various types of samples and brochures, you can find the best fit version and style.

1. Each customer must make a separate version. Even different suits for the same client will come in different versions....
Many of us in the workplace are wearing a suit, especially in and out of formal occasions, the suit has become a represe...
服装定制市场有多大?光大证券此前发布的一份报告显示: 2016 年,我国私人定制服装市场规模在1022亿元,预计到 2020 年,这一数字将达到 2000 亿元。虽然有众多的男装定制品牌涌现,但是对于需求端的消费者来说,成衣,尤其是正装成衣
Year old big cold, this big cold, time flies. The last solar term in the 24 solar terms, seeing that the end of the year...
Haute couture
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Why Haute Couture
With the development of society, the improvement of living standards, the demand for business occasions, a suit for their own, fit the advanced custom suit is particularly important, with high quality wool fabric, fit version rapidly improve personal image and temperament.
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